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Seed & Sod

Why Seed?


  • Larger selection of species available. Different mixes of species and blends of different cultivars are available for specific management practices, sun or shade, disease resistance and soil type.

  • Lower initial cost than sodding.


  • Timing of establishment is critical. Best time is in September. April is also a good time, but weed seeds germinate in greater numbers in Spring.

  • Longer time period to get a dense lawn.

  • May require reseeding due to poor germination in some areas or wash outs from heavy rain or irrigation.

  • Weeds can be a problem until lawn is fully established.

  • Initial watering is critical.


Why Sod?


  • "Instant Lawn"

  • May be walked on soon after planting.

  • Dust, mud and erosion are quickly reduced.

  • May be planted anytime during the growing season as long as adequate water is available.

  • Basically weed-free.


  • Higher initial cost than seeding.

  • Choice of species is limited.

  • Not produced in shaded environment.

  • Larger volume of water initially.

  • Sod may shrink and weeds may invade, especially if the sod is not properly installed. Do not stretch sod. Stagger seams similar to brick-laying.

  • Speed of rooting varies with season. Spring and Fall are optimal.


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